Santa Fe, NM Digital X-rays

Traditional dental x-rays required patients to be exposed to large amounts of radiation, were uncomfortable to capture, and took a long time to develop with hazardous chemicals. Once the images were processed, the result was often a grainy scan of the inner workings of teeth only visible on a specialized light board. Today, we use the innovative Dexis digital x-ray system to quickly and comfortably capture images of the underlying structures of patients’ smiles. Digital x-rays expose patients to 40% less radiation, and they’re instantly transferrable to any computer. That means we’re able to view the images right away on chairside monitors, quickly transfer them to dental labs or specialty practices, and compare the images easily from appointment to appointment, allowing us to diagnose any areas for concern almost immediately. If you’re interested in finding out more about digital x-rays or any of our advanced dental technologies, contact our team to schedule an appointment with Smiles of Santa Fe today.

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